1750 ARTS

About 1750 Arts

1750 Arts is a new ministry at Idlewild whose vision is to provide opportunities grounded in our Divine Creator which stir imagination, provoke wonder, form faith, and invite transformation.

Embedded in A Vision of Idlewild is the phrase “…music, poetry and art flourish (here) in gratitude to our Creator….” This gratitude will be on display as we deck our halls with Idlewild history and works from within the congregation’s wellspring of artistic talent. Displays will aim to inform and inspire, evoke and provoke, and delight and invite viewers to sense Idlewild’s tradition of welcome and the depth of interest within this community to learn more about matters of faith.

Meet Lauren Cannon, Idlewild’s Artist in Residence.
For sustenance and beginning this ministry, Lauren Cannon has accepted the role of Artist in Residence, working on a one year contract. Once established, a process will be secured for applying to serve as the Artist in Residence. Read her job description.

Stone Donations

Contribute to a new 1750 Arts installation this month by altering, painting, knitting, and donating found rocks. Installation will be on display throughout Advent reflecting on the theme Dreamers, in the Jones Building Lobby. Stones will be collected until November 30th!

Rotating Exhibits

In the old church office, you will find the newest 1750 Arts exhibit Threshold of Abundance by Amanda Kohr. Read the artist statement and view the price list. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please reach out to Amanda Kohr. All pieces will stay on exhibit until the exhibit closes and will be delivered to the buyer at that time. 30% of the proceeds from the exhibit benefit 1750 Arts.

On the third floor of the Jones Building you will find the Wilderness exhibit for Lent. This exhibit opened on Wednesday, February 26 at 5:45 p.m. Art in this collection is available for sale and 30% of the proceeds will go to 1750 Arts. Cash or check accepted at the Jones Building reception area.


You may have noticed the art installations around the Jones Building.

If you would like to contribute a photograph to the installation outside Montgomery Hall, please bring a 5×7, 5×5, or 4×6 photo to the front desk in the Jones Building.

Future installations:

  • Youth prayer wall
  • Gym entry prayer “honeycomb”
  • Baptismal tree outside of Marjorie’s office
  • Walk to Jerusalem weaving wheels
  • Pentecost origami birds
  • Jones Building lobby rotating display

Call for Artists

The 1750 Arts Ministry Committee of Idlewild Presbyterian Church invites artists to submit to have their art displayed at Idlewild. Read the Call for Artists.

1750 Arts Committee

The success of this ministry is dependent on congregational participation. If you are interested in serving on the 1750 Arts committee, please contact Anne Bradley Thomas. The committee will meet three times a year and help support the programs and ministry of 1750 Arts.


We are currently searching for an intern to help with 1750 Arts programming. Read the job description.