Worship & Visiting on Sundays

Whether you are visiting for the first time, or are a longtime member, we are blessed to have you with us. ALL ARE WELCOME! In our vision statement below, you will notice that it begins and ends with “Idlewild Presbyterian Church is a community in which … all who enter might find a home.” We take these words seriously!

Don’t let the building intimidate you. In this beautiful, traditional space is a welcoming, celebrating, serving family of faith. We don’t all look or act alike; God knows we don’t all think alike. We don’t all read the Bible the same way. We bring different questions, and we carry different burdens. But every Sunday, we worship together as one. 

Sunday Morning

In addition to Sunday school at 9:40, nursery care for age two and younger is available from 10:15 until worship is over. During the 11:00 service, we have Time with the Younger Church, then PK/ JK children (3-4 years old) may go to Children’s Worship. Children of all ages are always welcome in worship!

Thursday Evening

  • 5:00 p.m. MTAM worship. This is followed by More Than A Meal, a free dinner provided for anyone who wants/needs it.

About Worship

In this grand old church, we do Sunday morning in some pretty traditional (very Presbyterian!) ways. We study the teachings and the actions of Jesus. We sing many of the same hymns our grandparents sang. Yet, in our preaching and our prayers, (and many of our newer hymns!) we wrestle with the challenges of the modern world. I hope your heart will hear something personal and relevant this morning—a word of comfort, a spur to action, a call to a deeper relationship with God.

Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Before we can know God, God knows us. Baptism, one of the two sacraments of the Presbyterian Church (USA), is in response to the grace of God, who calls us to be the people of God. We welcome children and adults into the fellowship of faith. Parents, the congregation, and children of the church make promises to guide, nurture and love the baptized.

The invitation to the Lord’s Supper is extended to all who desire to follow Christ, remembering that access to the communion table is not a right conferred upon the worthy, but a privilege given to the undeserving who come in faith, repentance, and love.  Even one who has doubts or whose trust is wavering is invited to the table in order to be assured of God’s love and grace in Christ Jesus.

Weddings & Funerals

Click the links below for details about weddings and funerals at Idlewild.

Wedding Information

Funeral Planning

Idlewild is a community in which…

Jesus Christ is the center; the mighty voice of God inspires us to love; the Spirit joyfully sustains and nurtures seekers of every age, stage and circumstance.

Worship forms the core of community life; prayer binds our brokenness and connects us in Christ’s love to God and to one another; music, poetry and art flourish in gratitude to our Creator; the beauty of creation is treasured and preserved; all the members of the church are ministers.

The focus is scripture and its meaning for today; faith is formed and spirits nourished through reflection, practice and shared learning; the wisdom of other faith traditions is respected; and a diverse membership enriches and unites us.

Justice speaks loudly and peace is our aspiration; all voices are heard; recreation and play are a wellspring for fellowship, celebration and growth; the love of God guides our minds and spirits, leading us to right action in our hearts, our homes, our community, our nation, and our world;

We are a faith community living into a vision of worship, joy, welcoming, and service.

How We Are Organized

Our church is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination, and as such is organized according to the denomination’s Book of Order. Men and women are nominated and elected by the congregation to serve as ordained elders, deacons, and trustees.

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