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Congregational Meeting

The Session called for a congregational meeting on two questions. If not meeting in person, our bylaws require a paper ballot. A listening session on the questions was held at 6:00 pm on May 26, 200, by Zoom. 
The purpose of the information session is to provide information around the congregational meeting and to answer questions.
The reception of information before the congregation is as follows:
Receive the Q1 FY 2020-21 budget
The business before the congregation is as follows:  
Vote on Nominations Committee member Catherine Berger
Vote on calling the Reverend Sara Dorrien-Christians as an installed Associate Pastor
Ballots must be returned by June 15, 2020 in order to be counted. Print a ballot and return by mail (ballots can only be received by mail).

New Officers

SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, in the 11:00 service, the following were ordained/installed as officers. We are truly grateful for these men and women who serve and give generously of their time and talents. Their dedication to God’s work helps our church’s vision become a reality!


SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, in the 11:00 service, the following were ordained/installed as officers. We are truly grateful for these men and women who serve and give generously of their time and talents. Their dedication to God’s work helps our church’s vision become a reality!

Deacons: Adam Braddock, Gavin Driskill, Anne Ferguson, Judy Johnson, Amanda LeMay, Kathy Lohman, Mary Lou McCaa, Will Presley, David Ruch, David Schnell, Deede Sherman, Chloe Young

Ruling Elders: Elizabeth Alrutz, Geoff Calkins, Heather Chauhan, Melissa Grimes, Galen Havner, Jessica Joshi, Dawn Kvande, Michael Peeler, Stephanie Rodda, Steve Valentine. We are grateful for these men and women who serve as officers and give generously of their time and talents.

We’ve Moved to 96.1 FM

As of Sunday, November 3, our radio broadcast of the Sunday 11:00 service will be broadcast on 96.1 FM. Please let people know so no one will be left out of worship! The entire service will be broadcast. And as always, we are also Live @ 11 on Livestream.

During this transition…

The Reverend Anne H.K. Apple has been called as Executive Associate Pastor and Acting Head of Staff.

Congregational Letter from the Transition Work Group

August 23, 2019

Dear Idlewild members,

Earlier this year, shortly after Reverend Montgomery’s retirement and two subsequent associate pastor resignations, the Session authorized an ad hoc committee to ensure proper staffing levels throughout the summer and, should it eventually prove necessary, identify potential interim pastor candidates. Referred to as the Transition Work Group, this committee was comprised of Mike Bruno (Nominations), Katie Cole (Vision Council), Todd Taylor (Personnel) and Drew Wilson (Budget & Finance), and its first primary order of business was to recommend Rev. Anne Apple to become Idlewild’s first-ever Transitional Head of Staff to oversee a realigned transitional clergy team.

During this period, the Transition Work Group was in regular communication with the Pastor Nominating Committee in relation to the timing of their search and the TWG’s discussions with potential interim pastors. Click this link to read a recent statement from the PNC.

At the Session meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2019, the Transition Work Group recommended that the Session approve Reverend Anne Apple to become Idlewild’s Interim Pastor effective September 8, 2019, for a period of 12 months. A formal motion from the TWG was seconded, as required, and was carried unanimously after constructive discussion and reflection. The TWG also moved to call a congregational meeting for Sunday, September 22, 2019, to approve new terms of call for Rev. Apple commensurate with this position. This motion also carried. (It is important to note that this new call for Rev. Apple is contingent upon concurrence with the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry, a matter to be discerned formally at the COM’s next meeting on Thursday, September 5, 2019.)

The TWG did not make this recommendation lightly, but rather, confidently and in full agreement, and was pleased by the Session’s approval. After an exhaustive search during the summer, during which the TWG worked through a pool of potential interim candidates, and upon reflection of Rev. Apple’s job performance as Transitional Head of Staff, the Transition Work Group felt that it was the right time to “look closer to home” and bring forward the best choice for Interim Pastor. As we enter a critical and busy time of the church year, we, the members of the Transition Work Group, supported by the Session, are confident that Rev. Apple, as Interim Pastor, will prove to be the steady, experienced and stable leader we need during this particular period in the life of Idlewild.

Michael Bruno
Chair, Transition Work Group

See Storyboard's article on Idlewild

Many thanks to the folks at Storyboard for this great article about Idlewild. Our history and traditions have led to a presence of service in our community.

Pastor Nominating Committee

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is posting information for the congregation throughout the coming months. Visit the Pastor Nominating Committee page for more info and PNC blog updates.

At the called congregational meeting on May 20, the church acted on Steve Montgomery’s request to dissolve the pastoral relationship between Idlewild and Steve effective on or around May 31, 2019; heard a report from the nominations committee for the Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC); and voted on members of the PNC. These are the requirements of the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery before they can begin to work with the PNC. Members of the PNC are Jeanne Marie Cummings, Albert Johnson, Julie Markham, Cindy Moore, Mitchell Redd, Betty Louis Sheppard (chair), Jeremy Sykes, and Jeff Thompson.

Do you have a suggestion? The Pastor Nominating Committee is developing a Mission Information Form (MIF), which is the first step in the search process. The MIF describes the mission and vision of Idlewild Church in data and narrative. It will be filed with the PC(USA) and candidates made aware of the position. In the meantime, if you know someone you think would be a good candidate, please contact one of these committee members, giving some background for your suggestion:

  1. Jeanne Marie Cummings 
  2. Albert Johnson 
  3. Julie Markham 
  4. Cindy Moore 
  5. Mitchell Redd 
  6. Betty Louis Sheppard, chair 
  7. Jeremy Sykes 
  8. Jeff Thompson