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This Past Congregational Meeting...

The Congressional Meeting called on August 22 after worship elected the Designated Associate Pastor Nominating Committee. The DAPNC will be Chad Braddock, Kelli Conrad, Anne Fisher, Jim Ferguson, and Kristen Murphy. 

Congregational Updates: August

Session began with an update from Lucy Cummings as an Inquirer to the ministry, the first official step in pursuing Ordination. The Reverend Powers announced his Installation date to be November 7th. Steve Valentine provided a treasurer’s report and the Reverend Powers presented a preview of the Generosity report.

The meeting ended with prayers and thanksgiving for the Reverend Mary Newberg Gale as she ends her time at Idlewild and the Reverend Sara Dorrien-Christian as she comes back to the office.

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, in the virtual 11:00 service, the following were ordained/installed as officers. We are truly grateful for these individuals who serve and give generously of their time and talents. Their dedication to God’s work helps our church’s vision become a reality!

Deacons: David Bell, Robert Busby, Ted Cashion, Emily Mulqueen, Gabby Nelson, A.J. Northrop, Amanda Ray, Linda Scholl and our two youth deacons, Lucy Hettinger and Chloe Young. 

Ruling Elders: Mike Bruno, Ben Clark, Stan Covington, Betsy Hood, Charles Key, Julie Markham, Jenny Robertson, Amy Sharp, Jeremy Sykes, Leigh-Taylor White, and our two youth elders, Leigh Bruno and Jessica Joshi.