Good Grief

Our Lenten sermon series is entitled, “Good Grief: Navigating Loss Together.” We are going to spend the Sundays of Lent moving through the stages of grief.. We’re going to learn a scriptural story that reveals a different stage of grief and then the ways in which God meets us in those places of loss. Often we hear the word “grief” we think exclusively about death and dying. While grief certainly has to do with that, it also has to do with any time that we experience loss together. 

This series works to help you navigate  the losses that our church has experienced, the losses we see in the world, and our individual losses. We will also work to understand the ways in which God meets us and walks this grief journey with us.


Note, sermon transcripts are updated as available. You should typically be able to find the week’s sermon transcript four days after the sermon is delivered.
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April 3, 2022


March 27, 2022


March 20, 2022


March 13, 2022


March 6, 2022