A Weary World Rejoices


As Advent begins, the world around us seems evermore tumultuous, threatening the safety of God’s beloved children in our city and across the globe. The tumult taxes our minds, souls, and spirits, bringing a type of weariness that is hard to shake. Yet, in this new liturgical season, we are reminded that our faith calls us to a sort of expectant waiting that centers hope in Christ amid worldly tumult.

Faithful questions persist. What does expectant waiting look like? How does our faith in Christ enable us to persevere with hope? How is God at work in our lives and the world right now?

Throughout the season of Advent, our worship will grow from our Advent worship series: A Weary World Rejoices – Good News for Tumultuous Times. We will learn from the Biblical witness how our ancestors in the faith navigated questions like ours amid the turmoil of their times, and we will wrestle with how we may faithfully claim that in Christ, a weary world rejoices.

Note, sermon transcripts are updated as available. You should typically be able to find the week’s sermon transcript four days after the sermon is delivered. Thank you for your patience!

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