Welcome to Idlewild Presbyterian Church 

Dear visitor,

Idlewild is a progressive urban church with a commitment to the residents of Memphis. Blessed with a tradition of energetic and inquiring members, it has been in the forefront of worship, education, community service and social change for more than five generations.

Visiting a new church can be a bit overwhelming, particularly in a church as large as Idlewild. There are all those unfamiliar faces, finding your way around a large building, different rituals, and our beautiful but sometimes intimidating sanctuary.

Then there are all of those questions: Will I know God’s love there? What do Presbyterians believe? How is Idlewild different? Can I find a warm supportive community of fellow sojourners here? Perhaps most importantly, how will God use me there?

At Idlewild, we attempt to answer these questions together, as a loving community called together by Christ. As his disciples, we strive to nurture each person’s unique spiritual journey, to explore freely the challenge and wonder of the faith, and to reach out in compassion to the world’s needs.

Our worship focuses on the challenges of contemporary life as we seek to know and follow God. Shaped by worship, we seek to share God’s grace through education, fellowship, music, and inclusive, embracing outreach ministries to those in physical and spiritual need. Beneath our similarities Idlewild members express and respect a diversity of approaches to belief. Most are seekers, confident in our beliefs but open to new revelations and deeper levels of spirituality.

Idlewild Presbyterian Church offers you a chance to learn more about Idlewild's commitment to God, the community and the world. We invite you to explore our website and learn about the many things going on around here.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Steve Montgomery

A Vision of Idlewild


  Idlewild Presbyterian Church is a community in which … 
  Jesus Christ is the center; The mighty voice of God inspires us to love; the Spirit joyfully sustains and nurtures seekers of every age, stage and circumstance.
  Worship forms the core of community life; prayer binds our brokenness and connects us in Christ's love to God and to one another; music, poetry and art flourish in gratitude to our Creator; the beauty of creation is treasured and preserved; all the members of the church are ministers.
  The focus is scripture and its meaning for today; faith is formed and spirits nourished through reflection, practice and shared learning; the wisdom of other faith traditions is respected; and a diverse membership enriches and unites us. 
  Justice speaks loudly and peace is our aspiration; all voices are heard; recreation and play are a wellspring for fellowship, celebration and growth; the love of God guides our minds and spirits, leading us to right action in our hearts, our homes, our community, our nation, and our world; and  
  all who enter find a home. 


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