This Advent worship series will focus on some of the overlooked and under-appreciated figures of the story of the Incarnation. As we wait and prepare, we’re going to focus on some of the folks who don’t get the attention that they deserve. Each of these “minor characters,” as we’re calling them, have something to teach us. Zechariah, Elizabeth, the angels, the shepherds, and the inn keeper are here to teach us about how it is that we actually prepare for the Incarnation of God.

Note, sermon transcripts are updated as available. You should typically be able to find the week’s sermon transcript four days after the sermon is delivered. Thank you for your patience!


Minor Figures, Major Faith: The Shepherds

December 18

Minor Figures, Major Faith: Gabriel

December 11

Minor Figures, Major Faith: Elizabeth

December 4

Minor Figures, Major Faith: Zechariah

November 27