Prayers from the Heart of Midtown

For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.

- Romans 12:4-5

October 25, 2022

This page is dedicated to the prayers that are brought to us by the families that join us on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at the Mid-South Food Bank. If you are interested in helping distribute groceries, click here to learn more. 

We lift these prayers up to Lord.

Prayers for others and our common human struggles

We pray for the recipients of the foodbank and their friends and families (children, siblings, parents, grandparetns, grandchildren). Keep them in stable to good health, improve their relationships with other, improve their relationship with God, and help them in their financial needs. God, keep them and their families close and safe from the troubled world that no hurt, harm, nor danger will come upon them. We pray for acceptance, knowledge, clarity with salvation for them all. May they all have peace and safety, quiet and harmony, within their homes and neighborhoods. We pray for those suffering from alcoholism and their families who are trying to understand and be patient and provide guidance. We pray with those struggling with other addictions from smoking to cussing, to drugs. Be with those struggling to change patterns of temper and violence in relationships. We pray for those who are having health issues (children having surgery, premature babies, back pain, foot trouble, knee trouble, diabetes, cancer, heart, congestive heart, kidney, chronic pain, depression, aches and pains, broken heart, arthritis, muscle spasms, migraine) We pray for those grieving. Be with their caretakers and give them strength, comfort, patience as they care for those in need. We pray for those working on strengthening their work ethic. We pray for those looking for a church home. Lord, be with the people who are homeless and also the mothers and children. Be with the families that are taking in their homeless children and grandchildren during a trying time in all their lives. May those in need of basic furniture like a sofa and dresser find one. May those in need of transportation or a car, find solutions. Lord, may those looking for a job, find one, those need stable work house, and those working multiple jobs because they can’t find full time work. . May we find more ways to feed more needy people.

Prayers for the community and the world

We pray for this whole wide world, that everyone is blessed. Especially bless our schools and churches. We pray for new leaders. We pray for hospitals, nursing homes, and the world itself. We pray for our children to stay safe and stop the killings. We pray for our entire city, for America, and the people living in poverty. May God continue to smile down on us as a nation. May there be peace in the world. May our government leaders place the citizens’ needs first and bring unity and peace, no matter what their political party. May our leaders lead from a place of peaceful, honest, faith based place. May all churches be a place of spirit filled place. May our neighborhoods be cleaned up and clear of all pollutants. We pray for all the animals in the world.

Prayers for a personal relationship with a Loving God

Lord, thank you for another day. Help me understand the things I can and cannot change. Thank you for the blessings in my life for being most generous and may he be pleased with my choices. Praise be God!  God grant me favor, gace, love, peace, hope, understanding, health, happiness, joy, comfort, strength, prosperity, charity, faith, hope, kindness, and humility. Please reveal, expose, and sanction all truths. May I simply keep you, God, first and go to church more often. Loving creator, help me to share your love and grace today. Dear Jesus, cultivate a heart of wisdom in me. Enable me to live my life in a way that will always draw me closer to you. May I remember to smile more often.

We pray for individuals who were listed in the prayers

Individuals:    Levengie, Wanda, Katherine, Tonya, Marquis, Markita, Martavious, Lavish, Barnard, Sheba, Tralicio, Rhonda, Clementine, Christine, Peter, Pat, Ebony, Jarrell, Maria, Elaine, Antwan, Candance, Patrica, Pearlie, Lisa, Kisha, John, Cathine, Chandrika, Joyce

Families:    Gable, Noble, Moody, Harden, Allen, Miller, Poe, Smith, Anderson, Brown, Richardson, Robertson, Morgan, Moss, Williams, Norfleet, Settle, Brown, Tharp, Mays, Smith, Copeland, Tranthan, Martinez, Gray, Caradine, Payne, Grant, Freeman, Bounds

Other: Chickasaw Place Apartments 

Families:   Miller, Poe, Smith, Richardson, Little, Robertson, White, Williams, Morgan, Williamson, Anderson, Moss, Norfleet, Brown, Marshall, Dugger, Johnson, Settle, Gable, Harden, Moody, Boyd

We pray for Food Bank recipients who signed prayer requests

Carolyn, Bobbie, Chris, Geraldine, KT, Martha, Allen family, Brigette, Gwen, Theresa, Tanna, Joyce, Vicki, Carol

Messages for Idlewild

Thank you Idlewild for all the blessings over these past years. Bless all churches that help with the Food bank for the people in need. Thank Idlewild Church for your help feeding the people. May your church continue to grow. My prayer is for all of you who have given your time to serve God’s people. Thank you all for giving your time to serve on a monthly bases. Much love to you all. Just want to say thank you for your dedication and service to the community and may the Lord bless you and your fellow workers and keep them safe from harm. May everyone working at this stie have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Praying for the Idlewild Church family. Thank you for serving us, as a community. May God bless each and everyone of you. I will miss you all. Thank you for your prayers. Thanks for your prayers.