Generosity 2022

We will continue to invest in

Committing Faithfully
Sowing Bountifully


As people of faith, we believe that God has dreams for our church, and we trust that God equips us in every way to realize those dreams. Our church’s extraordinary history of ministering in creative, compassionate, welcoming, and prophetic ways bears out our trust in God’s dreaming and equipping the saints of Idlewild. Personally, my sense of call to our church was driven in large measure by our willingness to meet extraordinary challenges with extraordinary faith. 

As I have gotten to know our church family, I have realized that many have been drawn to Idlewild for the same reasons. We want to be part of a church that seriously engages our faith by wrestling with the vital questions of our time. We want to be part of a community that welcomes all and excludes none. We want to be part of a community that advocates for the poor and the stranger, and does not turn its ear from the cries of the oppressed.

Throughout the spring and summer at small gatherings, I had the privilege of meeting over 500 members. In soliciting feedback about our church from those in attendance, several themes arose again and again…

Your financial commitment to God’s work will be the bridge between the church we are today and the church that God is calling us to be. Your commitment will nurture the people, continue the teaching, facilitate the outreach, and reinforce the place of Idlewild Church. We pray you will join the Idlewild family in committing faithfully and sowing bountifully in 2022!

The Reverend David J. Powers

Language shift

We have shifted our vocabulary around giving. One, the transactional language of pledge is replaced by the relational language of commitment. Second, generosity takes the place of stewardship as we first receive gifts born of the fruit of generosity. We hope you appreciate the way in which our language shapes how we understand God’s work in our giving.

  • Increase commitments from those under 40 years old
  • Encourage those who regularly commit to take another step toward “tithing” (10% of income)
  • Teach generosity by encouraging parents to discuss their practice with their children
  • Receive all 2022 commitments during worship on Commitment Sunday, October 31st.

Committing through your commitment card...

Commitment Sunday is October 31st during 11 AM worship. We ask that you bring in your 2022 Committing Faithfully Sowing Bountifully commitment card to the church on that day. Together, we will commit during a special moment in worship either in-person or on Livestream.

Committing through emailing...

Committing through Realm...

Realm offers several ways to commit your gift.

  • Set up your one time 2022 commitment or recurring commitment in Realm 
  • Make a gift

Learn more about these processes through the how-to videos below.

Contribution Statements

To find out your past commitment balance, contact

Confidentiality: Donations made to Idlewild Presbyterian Church are kept confidential. Idlewild Presbyterian Church is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Total Investment: $2,486,341

Worship & Music: $365,431
Outreach: $403,807
Christian Formation: $380,742 
Nurture: $293,099
Administration: $1,043,262
        Property: $666,543
        Administration Support: $376,719