Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC)

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Meet our Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

Dr. Chad Braddock

Chad is a lifelong Presbyterian who came to Idlewild in 2008 when searching for a PCUSA congregation that was both accepting and affirming of all God’s children.  Chad currently serves as an Elder and member of the Outreach Leadership Team.  He is active in The Idlewild Presbyqueerians and many of our programs that reach out to our neighbors near and far.  Chad has previously served as a Deacon in Evangelism and as chair of the MTAM Committee. Along with his partner, AJ Northorp, he is committed to ensuring that our family of faith at Idlewild continues to grow in our work and mission.  Chad has been a pharmacist working in community practice for over twenty years.

Kelli Conrad

Kelli has lived in Memphis for nearly six years and has been a member of Idlewild almost as long. Prior to moving to Memphis, Kelli grew up in Lexington, Tennessee, before moving to Starkville to attend Mississippi State University and to work for several years after college. Since 2016, Kelli has worked for FedEx in various Human Resources roles. She enjoys volunteering at the Food Bank on Wednesday mornings, being involved with Young Adult activities, and helping care for others on the Meals Team at Idlewild. Outside of the church, Kelli serves on the Mayor’s Young Professionals Council on the Community Care Committee.

Jim Ferguson

Jim was born in Champaign, Illinois, and earned his business degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Subsequently he earned a law degree at Tulane University in New Orleans.  Jim moved to Memphis in 1985 for a job in the private practice of law.  In 1990, he joined the FedEx legal department, where he is now a corporate vice president.  Jim and his wife Anne joined Idlewild in February 2009.  They have two adult sons, Will and Sam, both of whom are married.  Jim is active in the Men in Midlife Christ Care Group and Idlewild Men Movie Night. 

Anne Fisher

Anne is a lifelong Memphian and has been a member of Idlewild for almost fifty years.  She served two terms on the Session and has chaired various committees.  She enjoys serving at MTAM and volunteering in the office. Professionally, Anne taught for thirty years, the last ten of which she spent as Head of the Upper School at St. Mary’s Episcopal.  She was married for forty years to her late husband, Joseph, with whom she shared her two daughters and his son and three daughters, and she now is blessed with six grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Kristen Murphy

Kristen was born and raised in Memphis, with a few stops before settling back here with her husband, Patrick, in 2013.  Kristen joined Idlewild in 2014 and was ordained as a Deacon in 2016.  She has served on a variety of committees including Young Presbyterian Women, Lenten Lectionary, Stewardship, and BASIC.  Most recently Kristen was involved on the Youth Renovation Team.  She and Patrick have three children – four year old twins, Heidi and Anderson, and one year old Patten – all of whom were baptized at Idlewild. Kristen is a Business Coach for Proforma, the largest privately held promotional merchandise distributor in the United States.

January Update

Hello Faithful Friends,
This January communication is coming to you a week later than normal so we could update you on some great news and major strides this month!
Through consistency, teamwork, and your prayers, we accomplished the following over the past month.
  • On Thursday, January 6th the Ministry Information Form (MIF) was approved unanimously by the Committee on Ministry (COM).
    • If you would like to review the MIF which details the associate pastoral roles, responsibilities, and more, feel free to follow this link.
  • The MIF is currently being loaded to the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) database, and will be live by the end of the week, so matching can begin. 
  • Now that the MIF is approved, the APNC will begin immediately to reach out to the 20 referral contacts in various seminaries, universities, churches, and ministries requesting referrals of potential candidates. Our objective with these calls will be to obtain referrals of potential associate pastor candidates.
Please remember that congregational pastor referrals are very helpful to the APNC’s deliberation and spiritual discernment. Submitting referrals is quick and easy via this link. 
Mondays at 7AM, the APNC uses this designated time to pray for our next associate pastor; please consider joining us.
Last month we mentioned the new Associate Pastor will oversee Nurture and Outreach. It’s important to also communicate, after personal and staff discernment, the Reverend Sara Dorrien-Christians will remain in Christian Formation and assume leadership of the new Care Ministry alongside the Diaconate.
Peace and Blessings,
Associate Pastor Nominating Committee
Chad Braddock, Kelli Conrad, Jim Ferguson, Anne Fisher, and Kristen Murphy

Terms to Know

(APNC) Pastor Nominating Committee: a group of individuals nominated to discern the needs of the church and extend a call to an associate pastor on behalf of the congregation.

(COM) Committee of Ministry: to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers, and Certified Christian Educators, and the presbytery.

(MIF) Ministry Information Form: the resume of your church describing your church – a description of the open position and traits you are seeking in a pastor

(PIF) Personal Information Form: resume of a minister interested in the open position

(CLC) Church Leadership Connection: online PC(USA) denominational job prospect matching database

(TOC) Terms of Call: A document which specifies the compensation agreement with the minister. It includes salary, housing, 50 percent of SECA, manse, Board of Pension dues, continuing education, vacation, sabbatical, study leave, moving expenses, telephone expenses, automobile expenses, and Professional Relations Committee.

(BOO) Book of Order

Steps in the Process

The bolded step highlights the step the team is on currently. 

  1. Electing an APNC 
  2. Discern leadership needs
  3. Congregation elects APNC
  4. APNC creates a MIF
  5. MIF is approved by COM
  6. MIF is uploaded to CLC database
  7. APNC receives PIFS
    • APNC receives candidate referrals from the CLC, congregants, past PNCs, and others affiliated with Idlewild
  8. APNC checks references, reviews, visits, interviews, and researches each PIF
  9. APNC decides on a prospect and asks for Session approval
  10. Prospect is introduced to congregation 
  11. Congregation votes
  12. Prospect is installed into the church