Note: This is NOT for prayer requests. 

Did you know... There are as many different prayer styles as there are pray-ers. We are celebrating this delightful diversity of prayer styles by compiling a book of informal Prayers of the People. We are seeking to include a wide variety of prayer styles from within our community. 

Everyone is invited to contribute—children and adults, women and men, More Than a Meal guests, new members, longtime members, word smiths and the tongue-tied alike. There is no set topic, style or length. Authenticity is sought rather than polish. Also, you can decide whether you wish to be named or remain anonymous. Once completed, the booklet will be made available and will be given to those receiving a prayer shawl or pastoral/deacon visit, on the birth of a child, at baptism, etc.

Let's give the gift of prayer to each other! Fill out the form below by the end of January and submit your prayer/prayers. Anonymous prayer contributions can be left at the church office. QUESTIONS? Contact Susan Elliott or Julie Markham.

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