Parents Night Out Feedback from Parents

“Bless y’all for goodness sakes. They were all sprawled out on the floor watching original reading rainbow on a projector screen with lunch sacks of popcorn near each and every child. And I nearly cried at the sight of it. I can’t imagine a better thing to be doing with church friends on a Friday night in summer. Thank you for being the church for my family. From the bottom of my heart.” – Emily Mulqueen (children: Oskar, age 5 and Dylan, age 3)

“Thank you for another sweet parents night out! My boys have felt so happy attending these special nights, and I feel like they are learning what it’s like to be in the church community! All of the volunteers were amazing and I am so so grateful.” – Emily Mulqueen (children: Oskar, age 5 and Dylan, age 3)

“Marshall loved all three nights this summer. After each he asked if he was going back again. After this last night, when I explained it was the last night, he asked if he could come back next summer. He loved the craft each night - and the popcorn! He learned about Reading Rainbow for the first time and now it’s one of his favorites. I’m proud he learned about where the money from the education sticks go. He’s reminded me and explained it to his grandparents. He loved everything about the Parents Night Out. And it was a great opportunity for John and I to go out to dinner by ourselves and reconnect!” –Melody McAnally (child: Marshall Lawrence, age 5)

“I enjoyed every aspect of PNO from volunteering, to the educational aspect for my kid, to getting quality time with my husband. Chase's words were ‘can we go play at the church again today?’ He explained to me that water has germs, including airplane germs that are pink with eyeballs and our church cleans them out of the water. I would do it again, volunteer, send my kid, help plan... it was great all around.” –Ashley Gordon (child: Chase Gordon, age 5)

“This was our second PNO and it was delightful once again! The staff is always so organized when we arrive for drop off and ensures the children are settled well.  The same teachers were in the nursery so my daughter was happy to see familiar faces.  Nothing better than to know your child is in great hands!” –Lauren Braden (child: Sophia McCarty, age 1)

“My daughter was in the nursery class and had the most caring ladies taking care of her! They were nurturing and easy going to help my daughter feel welcomed. She was able to play with other children her age and get the socialization in our wonderful church home. We will definitely be back!” –Lauren Braden (child: Sophia McCarty, age 1)

Parents Night Out Feedback from Volunteers

“I volunteered for Parents Night Out because I like to look for opportunities to get involved on weekends and after work. Typically during the week, I just feel useless after working, so these opportunities are great for me. I could tell that the children who were listening to the story liked learning about something they actually had a part in. I am rarely around young children, so it was really funny to me hearing their little stories and ideas. I think the whole event is a great opportunity of parents to spend time together! I know I would appreciate it one day!” –Katherine Martin

“I wanted to try and plug myself in to a new/different area. I don't have children and have worked with high schoolers so thought I'd try the littles.” Tina McMinn, nursery volunteer

“I volunteered for Parents Night Out so that Idlewild parents could have a night out, knowing their children were in a safe environment, having a fun evening. I also enjoy serving the Idlewild kids. I thought it was great that the children learned about where their quarters go that they put in the Education Sticks every Sunday. Laurie Moormann was able to bring the information about the Dougbe River School down to the kid's level and keep their interest. A highlight for me was the recreation time with the children. We played some really creative games and I loved watching the kids having so much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.” –Laurel Dolan

“I volunteered for Parents Night Out because it seemed like a fun way to be involved with the Church. The best part of Parents Night Out was seeing such joy on the kids faces. The kids really seemed to have a great time and I felt wonderful knowing we were doing it with God's loving arms wrapped around us.” –Amy Sharp

“I have volunteered in the past for VBS- and this PNO sounded exciting. Loved the MTAM theme!!! Loved seeing all the young children.” –Maizie Rhea

“One of the highlights was the songtime w/Donia leading and Dare playing the piano. There was such a ‘joyful noise’ being made, some singing at the tops of their lungs.  Watching the kids all together and being so engaged in singing the timeless 'Sunday School' songs was just delightful. Chad was a hit in explaining MTAM and how some people don’t get to eat a hot meal every night - it was truly impactful to the children in our room. I think that the parents who took the opportunity to drop off the kids and go out for a ‘date’ really appreciated the fact that their children were in a safe and happy place learning more about serving God.” –Pat Neely

“I volunteered because I enjoyed so much teaching the sections on MTAM last summer during Sunday school. I also want our children to know the importance of serving those in need in our immediate community.  I was impressed with the open discussion and input each child had about their experiences volunteering at MTAM or interacting with our community of hungry or homeless in Memphis. They all had fantastic insight and were very engaged. Hard to pick a favorite moment, but I am most grateful for the opportunity to connect with the kids throughout the night.” Chad Braddock

“For me, Idlewild is a place of connection. It was really amazing to form bonds with kids within a few minutes and watch them connect with each other. Idlewild is also a place of compassion, and it made me so glad to see Chad and Becky teach kindness and generosity to so many young people!” –Jessica Joshi

“The children had so many questions and comments to share with Mr. Chad about More Than a Meal and an extensive list of ideas of ways they could help.  I was impressed with their enthusiasm over ways they could help others and their thoughtfulness on experiences they have already had interacting with people less fortunate than themselves. On the Sunday morning after Parents Night Out, a child told me that “Parents Night Out went really fast.” That child and another child then proceeded to name most parts of the evening as either their favorite part or really cool parts. My favorite part of the evening was making placemats for More Than A Meal guests.  The contents of the placemats varied from crosses with smiley faces to carefully placed stickers sharing an encouraging message to pictures of dogs and flowers woven together.  Each child was sure the design on their placemat would bring joy to a MTAM guest.” –Alicia Powers

“Following through on baptismal vows is a big part of the community of Idlewild, and I enjoyed the opportunity to play with the kids and share stories of Jesus. I believe that helping to construct an interconnected, intergenerational community of faith is part of our calling, and it is always a joy and privilege to spend time with my littlest brothers and sisters in Christ.” –Becky Taylor

June 22, July 6, August 3

Rising PK-5th Graders
Childcare available for nursery-aged children
Cost: $10 per family per event (FREE for non-members; invite your kids' friends!)
Children are to bring their dinner

In lieu of VBS this summer and due to not having access to the Jones Building, there will be three service-oriented evenings of Parents Night Out from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on June 22, July 6, and August 3. Youth and adult volunteer help is needed. To register your child or to sign up as a volunteer, see below or fill out a form at the church office. 

Parents Night Out -- Volunteer Form (Youth and Adults Needed!)

Many helping hands from youth and adults are needed for these events. Volunteers are asked to arrive to the church by 5:00 p.m. Contact Caitlin C. Bomar with any questions. Thanks so much for your consideration of serving children!

Service-oriented focus for each date:

  • June 22 - More Than A Meal
  • July 6 - Education Sticks
  • August 3 - Clean Water




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