Ministerial and Program Staff

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The Reverend Dr. Stephen R. Montgomery 
901-726-4681 ext. 21

The Reverend Anne H.K. Apple
Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care and Evangelism
901-726-4681 ext. 18   

The Reverend Margaret Burnett 
Associate Pastor/Executive Director of CAFE

The Reverend Rebekah Abel Lamar
Associate Pastor for Christian Formation
901-726-4681 ext. 46

Sarah Wolf
Young Adult Ministry Director
UKirk Campus Ministry (Rhodes College & University of Memphis)

Corinne Nienhuis
Parish Assistant

The Reverend Dr. B. Denton McLellan Jr.
Parish Associate 

Frank Kelly
Director of Youth Ministry
901-726-4681 ext. 13 

Dara Bigger
Assistant Director of Youth Ministry 
901-726-4681 ext. 45 

Caitlin Bomar
Director of Children's Ministry

The Reverend Sara Dorrien-Christians
Outreach Coordinator
901-726-4681 ext. 42

The Reverend Dr. B. Denton McLellan Jr. 
Parish Associate

The Reverend Walt Tennyson
Parish Associate

The Reverend Dr. Stephen R. Haynes
Theologian in Residence

The Reverend Dr. Henry B. Strock, Jr.
Minister Emeritus  


Recreation Ministry

Jacob Pierce
Director of Athletics
901-725-4165 ext. 25

Shari Gross
Interim Director of Recreation & Fellowship 


Music Ministry

Barry Oliver
Director of Music Ministry

David Caudill

David Schnell
Music Assistant

Ginger Hopkins
Children’s Choir Director



Administrative and Support Staff

Doris Hurdle
Director of Operations
901-726-4681 ext. 23

Jenni Brooks
Office Manager
901-726-4681 ext. 11

Mimi McDugle
Assistant Office Manager
901-726-4681 ext. 10 

Carol Good
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
901-726-4681 ext. 22 

Brenda Harris
Administrative Assistant for Education and Outreach Ministries
901-726-4681 ext. 35 

Brigid Underwood
Finance Administrator 
901-726-4681 ext. 32 

Tonya Spears-Moses
Finance/Human Resources Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 29 

Ginny Moore
System Administrator, Publications Coordinator
901-726-4681 ext. 26

Kris Acklen
Sound Technician 

Verna Yarbrough
Custodial Director
901-726-4681 ext. 15 (voice mail only)

Faye Smith-Redditt
Director of Food Service
901-726-4681 ext. 27

Carl Norvell
Food Service Assistant/Custodian
901-716-4681 ext. 27 

Keith Carter
Maintenance  Supervisor
901-726-4681 ext. 40 

Jesse Yarbrough
Maintenance Technician
901-726-4681 ext. 40 

Bertha "Mae Mae" Simmons
Food Services Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 27 

Danny Thomas 
Food Services Assistant
901-726-4681 ext. 27 



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