The Reverend Margaret Burnett

Associate Pastor
Executive Director of the Children And Family Enrichment (CAFE) Center

Margaret has been at Idlewild since 2003. Prior to Idlewild, she served Germantown Presbyterian as the Associate Pastor for Children and Family Ministry and Outreach Ministry. She has been in ministry in one way or another since 1991. Her seminary training was at Columbia Theological Seminary. 

Margaret loves Idlewild: “I love being part of a church that is so committed to all people—where all ages, races, socio-economic ranges, and belief systems merge into the body of Christ in Midtown. More Than A Meal with its worship, prayers, art classes, and literacy classes has shaped the lives of so many people who call Memphis home.

“I’m also very excited to be part of a church that never stops listening to and responding to the needs of God’s people. The strong recreation program provides a foundation for relationships based in faith and in having fun together. Idlewild set the standard in the region for integrating the church through relationship. But Idlewild doesn’t rest on its strong history of outreach; instead the church continues to see the needs around us and to respond with love, faith, and integrity. Newer ministries serve children who struggle in MCS classrooms; people who are alone/homeless/ marginalized; communities that do not have water that is safe to drink; and the issues that face the youngest children in the city.”

Margaret loves going to the park with her family—husband Jason, children Megan, Brandon, and Kate—having a picnic, and flying kites!

Margaret's offices are in the CAFE center (28 S. Evergreen). She can be reached at


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