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Make Your 2017 Pledge Today!

We are stewards of God's new thing! As we prepare for another year of inspiring and generous ministry, your support is needed. Please give prayerful thought to your gift to the Lord, and help our church's programs and missions grow!

What does it mean to pledge?

Minute for Mission: Stewards of God's New Thing | Kristen Murphy | 10.23.16



Click on a link below to...

  • Make a single or recurring contribution by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • Pay your pledge.
  • Give a memorial,  honorarium, or other gift.

(The first time you go pledge/give online, you will need to create a personal log-in and password.)


2017 Pledge - Make a Payment (valid through 12/1/18)

Make a Payment on your 2016 Pledge   

Give to the General Offering Fund   

Give to the Compassion Fund    

Give a Memorial    

Give an Honorarium 

A $3.50 processing fee is charged on all debit/credit card transactions.

If you do not feel comfortable using online giving, you can give other ways: place a donation in the offering plate; write a check; use automated bank drafts (ACH); give stocks or securities; or give to the endowment. If you have any questions please contact Tonya Moses at or 901-726-4681 ext. 29.


To find our your current pledge balance contact Tonya Moses (726-4681 ext. 29 or Complete giving records are not available online.

ALL GIVING is recorded by Tonya at the church.
ONLINE GIVING is recorded in your online ServiceU profile.

What is online? If you have contributed online (ServiceU) and logged into a ServiceU account, look at your ServiceU profile to see what they have given through ServiceU. (If you have given online as a "guest" -- without creating an account -- that will not be in your online records but is recorded at the church.)

Idlewild Presbyterian Church sends statements for all gifts and contributions. Partial statements are mailed quarterly for the current year. A full annual statement is mailed in January for the preceding calendar year. Please save your annual statement as your receipt for tax purposes. If you need an updated statement at any time, please contact Tonya Moses at or 901-726-4681 ext. 29.


Donations made to Idlewild Presbyterian Church are kept confidential. Idlewild Presbyterian Church is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


End of the Year Deadlines

2016 Contributions: December 31

All contributions must be post marked by December 31, 2016, in order to be reported as 2016 contributions. Cash and checks that are being delivered to the church must be at the church by noon Friday, December 30.

2016 Transfer of Securities: December 30

For gifts of securities, the IRS requires that the donor must instruct his or her broker to irrevocably transfer the securities to Idlewild’s account; this must be done by Dec 30, 2016. The value of the donation will be the mean between the high and the low trading prices on the day of transfer or day of delivery, whichever is applicable. The transfer of securities can be a very simple task, but in some cases may take longer than expected—so it’s best to make your gifts early

Electronic Transfer Forms for 2017: December 16

If you choose to use electronic transfer for your 2017 pledge payments, you must fill out a new form each year. Deadline for submitting an electronic transfer form for your 2017 pledge payments is Friday, December 16. Forms are available in the office. If you need more information please contact Tonya Moses at 726-4681 or  



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