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Capital Campaign Update May 2018

Thanks to 400+ individuals, more than $10.1 million in gifts and pledges have been contributed. Larry Bryan and Peggy McClure are leading the effort to raise an additional $500,000 to ensure that we are able to fully complete the renovation, which includes a significant amount of electrical and mechanical work required in a building that has not been renovated in decades.

Upon beginning demolition, it was discovered that the entire HVAC other infrastructure systems would have to be replaced, and that it was not feasible to build the proposed glass entry between buildings. Plans were modified accordingly.

Please prayerfully consider an additional – or first-time - commitment for the benefit of both current and future generations of our church. Each of us has benefitted from the generosity of past generations. What better response than for us to pay it forward. For more information about the capital campaign visit, or feel free to contact Larry Bryan  at or Peggy McClure at

Initial Purpose and Plans

We face the same challenges that our fore-bearers faced in 1921 when they began to envision building a new church, a larger church…. “Standing on their shoulders, we find that it is time to harness the same faith, foresight, and courage they had as we envision the future of Idlewild. To put it bluntly, our current facilities are hindering our ability to serve our members and the greater Memphis community. 

“Our campaign is not about bricks and mortar to build more Idlewild, but it will enable us to “be” more Idlewild... to be more welcoming, more celebrating, more serving, more caring, and more learning.


Idlewild brings us together – our congregation, our city, and the thousands who benefit from the reach of the church.

Idlewild gives us the knowledge, ability, and means to share God’s love and our Christian calling. Although urban churches across the country have been losing members and influence, we have continued to grow. But rather than settling for this standing, we need to take on the responsibility we’ve been given. 

Throughout Idlewild’s history, each generation has been called to advance our mission. We are embarking on our first capital campaign since 1989, with the intention of answering that call for the next 25-30 years. Idlewild has fulfilled the needs of our members and community since 1890, and this is a rare request for your financial commitment to our future. With your help, we can continue to serve and advance our congregation and our city. 

We don't simply need to build More Idlewild. We need to be More Idlewild.

Pastor Steve Montgomery's letter to the congregation  

Steve‘s sermon (5/3/15) “What Do These Stones Mean?” Read (PDF) Listen (MP3)

Steve‘s letter re: plan changes (2/1/16) 

Letter re: CAFÉ (Children And Family Enrichment) center (2/1/16)

We strive to provide radical hospitality – an inviting and welcoming environment for anyone and everyone who enter our doors. But currently, the Idlewild entrance is more challenging than welcoming. For the first time in our history, all of Idlewild Presbyterian Church will be fully accessible to all, with a new entry that recognizes our history and looks to the future. 


    • Street level main entrance
    • Foyer space with staffed welcome desk providing information on all church activities 
    • Elevator accessing all three levels of the church 
    • Curb cut-out for accessible drop-off and pick-up 
    • Secure entry points

We celebrate God when we gather together to learn, worship, play, and build community. It is often these events that bring meaning to our lives and our service. Since the 1960s, we have used recreation as a means of reaching out to the city and providing a place where every Memphian can be strengthened. Updated facilities will broaden the reach and power of this valued community resource. 

By making the Jones Building more multi-purpose, including a large, modern kitchen, the available occupancy will increase significantly. This means feeding more bodies and souls and making room for more congregants to come together for education and celebration.  


  • Rooms with movable walls to accommodate groups of different sizes and needs at the same time 
  • New state-of-the-art kitchen and expanded serving area 
  • New restrooms adjacent to the T.K. Young Room providing greater convenience during worship services 
  • Reoriented chapel with movable seating to allow for more flexibility of space during worship and other activities 
  • New Sunday school classrooms, resource rooms, and music space for children and youth

Our mission of growing servant leaders applies to those of all ages who take part in our educational services. The primary educators of children are the adults around them, so it is our goal to have the greatest positive impact on our community by supporting the whole family. We believe this holistic approach provides a new standard of education for children of all backgrounds. 


  • The CAFÉ (Children and Family Enrichment Center), composed of our preschool, aftercare programs, and a new parenting program 
  • Increased classroom space to provide expanded programs to daycare and kindergarten children 
  • New resource library and workrooms for teachers to enhance curriculum for children 
  • Redesigned playground 
  • Secured entrance for childcare pick-up and drop-off 
  • Full code compliance allowing flexibility for program expansion



Demonstrating extravagant generosity and inclusivity means preparing our church and ourselves for everyone who seeks care. This campaign will address the everyday issues that must be tended to preserve this location, and therefore its congregation, growing and vibrant for generations to come. 


  • New library and archive space for use by congregation 
  • New AV/Internet capabilities 
  • Updated classrooms to accommodate learning environments for children, youth and adult Sunday school classes


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